My name is Hillary and I am a web developer. Currently I work at Amazon. Here is some stuff I've made!


While at Amazon, I was a web developer on the Amazon Creative Services team where I created and updated widgets.

Involvement: HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, JSP

ACS Event Widget

Curated gift shopping for holidays and other events. Featured in the Holiday Gift Guide and Father's Day gift guide.

Content Grid

Multi-feature grid layout for custom full-page spreads. Featured in Luxury Beauty.


Zachtronics is the independent game studio behind SpaceChem, Ironclad Tactics, and Infinifactory.

Involvement: Design, Wordpress, HTML/CSS/jQuery



Web design is often about the presentation of information, and so planning and creating mockups for a website is just as important as the final aesthetics. The question 'What goes where?' must be sorted out before even pondering color schemes, graphics, or other aesthetic elements.

A mockup of the updated home page for Zachtroncs

A mockup of a product page for Zachtronics

Student Tracker

Student Tracker is a student and employee tracking and management tool.

Involvement: Logo and landing page design, theme design

The Process

Logo Ideas and Designs

For the StudentTracker website, the client wanted a clean and modern logo and design to reflect the mobile and easy-to-use qualities of the app. Design begins with brainstorming by identifying images, key words, and ideas that are integral to a product or project, followed by sketches, and then refinement of the selected or preferred alternatives.

Initial design concepts for StudentTracker

Additional revisions for the Student Tracker logo

Let's Go Indie

Let's Go Indie is a proposed promotion for Zachtronics where the game studio will be "rented out" to an aspiring game designer. One lucky individual (or group) will work directly with the Zachtronics team to turn their idea into a real, marketable game.

Involvement: Design, HTML/CSS/jQuery

Ironclad Tactics' Extra! Extra! Bundle

The Extra! Extra! Bundle, featuring a number of digital and physical goodies, was offered as part of the Ironclad Tactics' launch. As the name suggests, the site was designed with a poster/newspaper theme.

Involvement: Design, HTML/CSS, Copywriting

Zachtronics Store

The Zachtronics Store is an e-commerce site developed to handle sales, customer support, and other functions for Zachtronics. As of 2014, the store has been closed down, and Zachtronics' products are available through other outlets.

Involvement: Design, HTML/CSS


As you can tell, my name is Hillary. Currently I work at Amazon as a web development enginer. Recently I've been working with React and Node and approaching Typescript from a safe distance.

Tools (Languages, Libraries, Frameworks, etc.)

HTML, CSS, JavsScript, Node, React, Python, git, gulp


Responsive design, generators, API integration (WSDOT, PetFinder, etc.), storing my code in too many places